The original design was hand-inked on Crescent shocard (at a larger size) and the small copy was hand-set presstype.

Kathleen really wanted some of that...50’s styling script that was so popular at the time. I don’t love it, but nobody has complained yet.




The finished printed back of the card. All the type was hand-set presstype, purchased in 2 point sizes, and applied directly to the shocard surface, one character at a time. I drew and inked the gal from a photo reference, an old Frederick’s of Hollywood graphic that Kathleen provided.
A later “graphic designer” changed the font from Locarno to Times, but nobody seems to have noticed yet.




Here is the original artwork for the back of the card, the work done at about 6” by 11”. The gal is not “pasted” in; I drew her in non-photo blue pencil and inked her directly on the illustration board, ditto the cacti and dots.
The presstype is hand-set, one character at a time, on the same board. I bought several sheets, at about $15 a pop, in two point sizes, 24 and 14, as I remember. You can still see the non-photo blue pencil lines, but the camera could not.
The orange overlay (color separation) is hand-cut and stripped amberlith. See the one remaining registration mark at the top?
Amount of time spent mastering numeous computer programs to achieve this image? NONE, and I had total control over every aspect, plus the joy of using my own hands.