3’ by 4’, 1/2” MDO and lettering enamel

I fabricated and painted this tabletop to fit an old chrome 50’s table that I have had forever.

This is another piece that was designed directly on the board. I knew there would be a gem and some fire but that was about it.

At least 150 hours for this piece, and I loved watching it grow under my hands.




The layout is complete, and painting has begun.




Painting continues, with all color choices made as I progressed.
Coloration is a Huge Issue for OZMA (who never took a class in color theory), and I really liked building this strong palette.
Each color is mixed separately (about 2 oz. each) and this piece probably had about 30 colors.




A detail of flame and a letter.
Lettering enamel is not a blendable medium; it sets up too quickly for that, so I painted a series of concentric circles to achieve a tonal effect.
The flame is an Escher tribute, with repeating panels marching around the gem. It is all in the plotting, which must be done very carefully.




A detail of the painted gem and painted mosaic
I REALLY like painting gems and mosaic and plan to do more of it. Each time I do it, I get a little better at it. That is how it works.




The completed tabletop, installed in the 1950’s chrome table.
We have coffee every morning here, surrounded by the wonderful art of our extremely talented friends. It is sublime!