about 15’ by 4’, 1/2” MDO, lettering enamel, copper tacks and pony beads

My friend Patrice has a kick-ass pool and pool-house, and wanted a mural to go with. She liked the Minoan bull riders, and didn’t mind that I felt compelled to improve upon the imagery.

I wanted a texture for the bull and decided to try my hand at painted mosaic. I loved it immediately and continue to explore the possibilities.

Well over 100 hours for this project.




A closeup of the bull rider




A detail of the bull and rider. Copper tacks and beads (dropped into perfect Forstner-bit cut holes) were used throughout the piece.




A closeup of the bull worked in painted mosaic. The paint is dimensional and contributes nicely to the effect.
As a small child, OZMA embroidered, bead-loomed and spiro-graphed endlessly, so total immersion into what-other-people-might-consider-tedious activity is never a problem.