Lettering enamel on drywall

During this large mall redesign, the storefronts were covered with drywall and I stole design elements from the new logo (designer unknown) and added some of my own to generate imagery-by-the-square-foot, at times re-coating the walls in bright color first.

To save time, I generated pounce (perforated) paper patterns and patted charcoal powder through the holes to apply the images to the wall. For the bottom panel, I made a paper pattern of about 4’ and overlapped it repeatedly.




Here is more on a white wall. The total square footage was probably over 3,000 feet before we were done.




This wall I painted with red latex first, then added the painted graphics.




This image was from an earlier El Con buildout. I include it here as I DID NOT USE A PROJECTOR; instead I drew the image on the wall very lightly with a #2 pencil and then painted it.
I drew it from a small newspaper ad (black and white, about 3” by 3”) that I gridded into what became 18” squares and held in my hand as I drew the larger image. The dancers were life-size.
Since I was drawing lightly, at no time could I see the entire image; from 4 feet away the pencil lines were undetectable.
But because I don’t and never did use a projector, and trust my eyes instead, I didn’t have to make that midnight trip to the mall to project it, which never would have happened anyway.




I painted this wall with green latex and then painted the graphics. The repeating images were about 9” tall.




More, this time on a yellow wall.