8 1/2” by 11”, lettering enamel on a concrete floor

I made a tight scale drawing of the full mural and then made some full-size patterns for certain parts of it, and drew the rest directly on the concrete. Seeing for layout is difficult when working down on the floor; I laud the chalk artists who do it on a regular basis.

The theme? I really couldn’t tell you, but I love the way I get dizzy walking on it and almost fall in; it has that effect!

Probably close to 200 hours on this piece, which was about 50 hours too long.




The mural in progress, with beginning paint layers going down. This was an indoor-outdoor courtyard with walls on 3 sides.




A closeup of the mural; the border diamonds are about 3 1/2”. I do see drift here but plead the difficulty of painting on the ground, a rare occurance for me.




The butterflies were about 2’ tall and quite fun to draw and paint.