About 3’ by 5’, 1/2” MDO, lettering enamel, upholstery tacks and some vintage stanchions from Gerson’s

This piece was designed on the board, with no concept sketches at all. Sometimes it is like that; just me and the board. I found the leaf shapes in my backyard.

About 30 hours for this piece.




The MDO is primed and coated, then the layout is drawn with a water-base marker. The image drew itself, really, with all decisions made on the board and no preliminary sketches made. Occasionally I do use a compass, and I made some paper stencils for the repeated leaf shapes. Color decisions were also made as I went.




A closeup of the marker layout.




A detail of the table.
Every snake tangle is different, and I give credit to my childhood Spiro-Graph for my fascination with the perfect curve. No, I do not use a French curve, ever.