MDO, MDF, variegated dutch metal guild, lettering enamel, copper tacks, copper tubing, copper wire, copper buttons, copper beads, gimp braid, foam, curly lamb fur and over 400 bullets in two calibers

An uneasy combination of Love and Hate, this piece took over 150 hours to fabricate. Only 1 straight line occurs in the piece. Rather like a garment, it was built from the inside out in stages. Particular challenges included the lettering (damn hard to see my layout on top of that gold!) and drilling the edge holes for the bullet placement (as close together as possible without breaking the wood, about 1/8” apart). The text reads “Black is the color of my true love’s hair”.

While nominally a chair, it is mostly suitable for being ravished upon and now serves as a chi-chi bag display in the Atelier. Itis also a direct homage to 18th c. France, if one is in to that sort of thing.




Lettering was done with an incredibly thin long liner quill that died upon completion of this piece.




The front of the seat back, with a heart-shaped curly lamb fur cushion. Bright and shiny bullets are set deeply in the board edge, then framed with gimp braid and presented like chocolates in a box.




A back view of the seat back showing copper tack detail.
Once the original line was established (with a white grease pencil on the already-painted mdo), I set pilot holes with a stylus then pounded in these delightfully irregular tacks.




A back view of the piece, showing some of the copper tubing chaos. At one time this piece also sported a copper toilet float and a dead stuffed bird.