About 14” by 12”, lettering enamel, cowhide, copper rivets, pony beads, wire, and tape, velvet and bronze powders interior, on a wooden wine presentation box scored from a thrift store.

The cowhide was cut with scissors. Holes were predrilled for the rivets. The handle was fabricated with pony beads over copper tubing.

Filled with various samples, and quite portable, this box works client-presentation magic compared to an I-pad.




The reverse side of the box, showing the copper wire marquetry. The wire was hand-set into a hand-carved chanel in the wood (carved by an exacto knife with a #11 blade).




A sample for the sample box.
9” by 9” two-sided MDO with Dutch metal guild, lettering enamel, set-in glass rhinestones and copper tape edging.