28” by 4”, 1/2” MDO, lettering enamel, bronze powders, glass pearls and glass beads

Another piece designed directly on the board, with no preliminary sketches, and painted at business card proportions to produce a totally hand-painted business card.
The little dog is my Underdog, and 2003 is when I officially became OZMA.




The signboard in progress, drawn with a water-based marker. Yes I use a straight edge, usually a smallish 30/60 triangle, the pink version as it is easy to find on the floor. I used an aluminum yardstick for this piece, and plotted carefully.




A closeup of the completed board. Pearls and beads are dropped into perfect Forstner-bit cut holes. The diamond shapes are just over an inch.
I got my first pair of reading glasses just after painting this piece because I felt for the first time I was struggling to see my line. The results were immediate and gratifying and I wished I’d done it sooner.