This store, started in this location in 1967 and not really touched since, was in dire need of an update. Along with a total interior makeover, I also generated the new logo and signage, window lettering, and decorative painting on the bulding exterior.

The two-sided sign took about 30 hours, the window lettering about 8 hours and the decorative botanicals added about 10 hours.

For the interior makeover, we closed for a week to repaint all of it (ceilings and floors included), and I generated new shelving, hanging systems, and racks, added vintage carpeting and fixtures and just generally poshed it up. I had a financial interest in this store so it was well worth the time and effort, and the buildout, including all fixtures and materials, was accomplished for just under $1K. This was also my first retail buildout; my latest (2012) cost the same!




The window lettering is a combination of Dutch metal GILDand lettering enamel painted on the inside of the glass window. Shocards were lettered on Crescent board with lettering enamel, and some of the cards were cut to fit vintage gilded frames.




3/4” MDO, about 40” by 50”, two sided, with lettering enamel and Dutch metal gild.
I fabricated the face and installed it too (very securely, as it was an overhead sign). My partner was in love with the William Morris of the mysterious seeress, so I used that and dropped the copy into the cape. The botanical borders were repeated in lettering enamel on the building exterior and door.