28” by 4’, 1/2” MDO, lettering enamels, brone powders, plastic gems and glass pearls
Another piece designed on the board, with no preliminary sketches. I painted the image at business card proportions to make a totally hand-painted card. My second painted gem, and I used one of my own bling rings as a gem-architecture sample.




The board in progess, with the bronze powders applied and deep perfect Forstner-bit holes drilled for the glass pearls.
I am so glad I shot this image BEFORE I painted the copy on top of the gem as I have used the gem in print repeatedly.




A closeup of the gem with the finished lettering. Kerning (spacing) is always critical when you draw your own copy.




A closeup of the glass pearls dropped into the bronze-powdered circle. The “OZMA” copy is under 4”, with the scrolling lines about a sixteenth of an inch in width.